It’s a masterpiece that harmonizes the skills of traditional industrial arts and modern design – his first masterpiece introduced by WGD Kyoto is “Kyo no Butsudan DAN” which Naoto Fukasawa,one of the most famous product designer in the world, and Yutaro Shimode, industrial artist in Kyoto, created by bringing together their remarkable talents.


What can we term as a Buddhist alter (Butsudan)?  When speaking about Butsudan, what comes to the mind of Japanese is usually Kyoto style Buddhist alter (Kyo-Butsudan). The aesthetic skill involved in creating the Kyo-Butsudan include blending of history, religion and tradition. However, the Japanese people’s life style is changing and Kyo-Butsudan is gradually vanishing from our daily lives, in its place a new style has emerged like incorporating Butsudan in interior design or furniture style Butsudan.

This project dose not aim at creating a new Butsudan, but rather we try to apply traditional skill to bring out the essence of the Butsudan by reproducing it in a suitable size and applying factors that can be incorporated in to our urban  lifestyle traditional skills. Careful consideration is taken so that the Butsudan proportion is not lost while using Gold platted and Japanese style lacquer techniques, and at the same time structural designs are used to maintain a floating image of the core of the Butsudan. As much as possible providing a simple design that gives the user’s style and feeling some degree of flexibility.

The miniature structure Butsudan still holds the deep black deep quietness that has come down through a long passage of history.

Naoto  Fukasawa


Naoto Fukasawa

He was born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, in 1956. He graduated from Tama Art University. In 2003, he established Naoto Fukasawa Design.
He worked for B&B ITALIA, Magis, Artemide, Danese, Boffi, and many other German and North Europe companies. His design has won more than 60 design awards: The IDEA US Golden Award, The German if Golden Award, D&AD UK Golden Award, Mainichi Design Golden Award, G Mark Golden Award, the 5th Oribe Award, etc.
His personal works include the MUJI CD player and the mobile “Infobar”, and “neon”.

Yutaro Shimode

He was born in Kyoto prefecture, Japan, in 1955. He graduated from Doshisha University School of Literature. He is an industrial artist and an artisan of Kyo-Make certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry. A 3rd Generation Shimode Emaki Shisho, he set out various gold platted items used in imperial ceremonial meetings and traditional shrines. He in also professor of Faculty of Cultural Studies at Kyoto Sangyo University. He has won the Kyoto-City Newcomer Art Award, etc. He created “Yuukyuu no Sasayaki”, which is a scabbard placed at the Kyoto Guest Palace’s meeting room, etc.

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